Host: Rick Koerber

On October 31, 2005 Rick launched Free Capitalist Radio from AM 630 KKTK in Salt Lake City Utah. This is the only known recording of the show (and even this recording is a partial or incomplete record of the episode) where Rick introduces the concept of viewing world events and personal growth from the perspective of capitalism and freedom rather than the classic talk radio liberal vs. conservative.

In this episode Rick is a bit sick and his voice is a bit strained. The recording picks up mid point through the first segment where Rick asks listeners about their commitment to learning about freedom including references to Ayn Rand, W. Cleon Skousen, and the 5,000 Year Leap.

Other topics include Harriet Myers, Judge Alito, Supreme Court confirmation process, US Senate originally elected by the state legislatures. Rick also discusses the definition of capitalism and socialism.

Episode originally aired October 31, 2005.
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