Start a Study Group


Any motivated member of the Project can become eligible to organize a Study Group

Are you interested in organizing your friends to effectively participate in the cause of liberty?  Any member of the Project can become eligible to organize a FreeCapitalist Study Group to help the Project accomplish its mission as part of the FCP Community Building Initiative.

Study Groups are locally organized groups of like-minded citizens committed to advancing the mission of the Project by helping each other remain educated and informed.  Study Groups meet weekly, studying a preplanned curriculum of some of the greatest books ever written.  Pledges, I° members, members of the Producer Revolution and invited guests participate in engaging weekly association, study and discussion on topics most relevant to their lives and affecting their local communities.  The Study Group structure corresponds to what Jefferson identified in the ancient Anglo-Saxon communities as a “tithe” or “tithing.”

If you want to organize a FreeCapitalist Study Group, like all members, this opportunity is delivered as step #8 of the Pledge Quest.

If you have already completed the Pledge Quest, all you have to do is download and complete the “Achievement Quest” entitled, “Study Group Charter.”  Once you turn in your completed FCP Study Group Charter your group may be recognized as an offical FreeCapitalist Study Group.