Principle #4 – Short Summary

The perspective with which a man or women views the world determines how he or she will act.   The ideas we hold in our heads (and similarly the words and corresponding definitions we use intentionally or unintentionally) both limit and empower us as we make our value choices, exercise our agency, and act in faith.  Therefore, education is a never ending pursuit to the lover of truth.  Knowledge is power, and the process of obtaining further depths of knowledge informs and expands our viewpoints—especially as it relates to principles.  Education is the remedy for personal blind-spots, allowing men and women to grow in their perspective, seeing what couldn’t before be seen and making better, more effective decisions.

When we can view the world from a new, enlightened perspective, we are empowered to change our choices and our consequent behavior.  The intelligent steward, when faced with a perplexing problem that seems to recur over long periods of time, the solution is found in the broadening of personal perspective.  Examining our own assumptions and the ideas we sometimes hold without deliberate evaluation–is a key to solving life’s most perplexing challenges.  Often times it is in viewing the actions of a person who we admire or who we respect that brings us to the point this point of powerful reflection, and which enables us to adopt a more powerful perspective.