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Today, there is an ever-growing awareness by the alert citizens across all demographics, in all nations, that despite isolate pockets of popularity, the paradigm of freedom and personal prosperity is increasingly taking the back seat to the more common mentality of fear, doubt, victimization and scarcity.

The world crisis of today is a moral crisis-and nothing less than a moral revolution can resolve it; a moral revolution to sanction and complete the political achievement of the American Revolution. Evasions, equivocations and guilty apologies will not work any longer. [We] must fight for capitalism, not as a “practical” issue, not as an economic issue, but, with the most righteous pride, as a moral issue. [We] must assume the task of building a new culture on a new moral foundation…the culture of the Producer. —Ayn Rand

The time for revolution is at hand. Will you join us?

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