Project Leadership

The FreeCapitalist Project is a private, for profit venture originally founded by C. Rick Koerber in 2005. The Project was recently re-organized in May of 2008 under a new FreeCapitalist Council that serves as the Project’s executive team.

Current members of the FreeCapitalist Council include:


C. Rick Koerber – Chairman and President

FreeCapitalist Project founder C. Rick Koerber serves as the Chairman of the FreeCapitalist Council, as the President of the FreeCapitalist Project, as the CEO of the Producer Revolution and as the Executive Director of the FreeCapitalist Foundation.  Rick is a self-described capitalist entrepreneur and in addition to the work he does with the Project he has several outside business interests and is heavily involved in his local community.  Rick is a native of Casper, Wyoming where he graduated from Kelly Walsh High School and Casper College.  While at Casper College Rick earned dozens of local, regional, and national Speech and Debate awards including several national gold medals.  After his later experience at the University of Denver where he majored in Public Policy and in Religious Area Studies, Rick returned to Casper and with the help of his business partners launched his first national business venture National Business Solutions, dba  Rick has held a number of significant positions with prominent corporations, has been both a volunteer and part-time seminary teacher, and has contributed heavily in the areas of private elementary, secondary, and university level education.     Rick has hosted the FreeCapitalist Radio show since October 31, 2005, has been nationally syndicated, is on the iTunes radio network, and for the last several years has maintained his show’s position in the global Top 10 of all Internet broadcast talk/political radio programs.   Rick and his family make their home in Highland, UT.  To learn more about Rick you can visit is personal website at


Kenneth L. Snarr – Associate Director

As a member of the FreeCapitalist Council, Kenny serves as the Chief of Staff and as an Associate Director.   Kenny’s background and experience in business management, sales, and sales management is a tremendous asset to the Project.  Kenny has held leadership positions in several prominent businesses in corporate America before starting his own business.  Kenny enjoys opportunities to serve and has volunteered for various service and humanitarian projects and has traveled around the world including Ireland, Africa, and Costa Rica.  Besides his involvement in the FreeCapitalist Project, Kenny is active in his community and serves on the Board of Trustees for the Ronald Wilson Reagan Academy located in Springville, UT.  Kenny received his BS Degree in Business Management with a Marketing emphasis from Utah Valley University in 1999 and his MBA from Utah State University in 2004.  Kenny enjoys being outdoors, traveling the world, playing basketball, driving fast cars, and teaching groups of people the Principles of Prosperity.  Kenny is married and has four children and his family currently resides in Springville, Utah.


Jewel K. Skousen – Associate Director

Over the past twenty years, Jewel has been traveling and speaking to both youth and adults about freedom, leadership, education and individual responsibility.  Jewel is a member of the FreeCapitalist Council and serves as the FreeCapitalist Communication & Events Director.  Jewel began working full-time with the FreeCapitalist Project in 2006.  Jewel’s background is in teaching, writing, and business development.  At age 17 Jewel started her first business, “Youth of America” which organized hundreds of youth across the nation through youth conferences and local leadership groups.  Jewel has also chosen to be a stay-at-home mom for over ten years prior to her involvement with the Project.  While raising her children Jewel has served in the private education sector as an Executive Director, Instructor, and Curriculum Writer.    Jewel is heavily involved in her local community and recently served as an elected State Delegate from her local voting precinct.  Jewel enjoys teaching, reading, traveling, sipping hot chocolate and the color pink.  Jewel is the 8th grandchild of W. Cleon Skousen and the 3rd child of Glenn J. and Julianne Kimber.  She and her three children make their home in Highland, Utah.