CUBA (CNN) – Today, the President of the United States gave a speech from Cuba. Here he lectured those in attendance about the outdated ideas still attached to the cold war, and admonished:

“I can’t force you to agree..[that] every person should be equal under the law…[and that] citizens should be free to speak their mind without fear…[and that people should be able] to organize and to criticize their government and to protest peacefully [and that they should not be arrested for doing so].  Not everyone agrees with me on this but I believe those human rights are universal. I believe they are the rights of the American people, the Cuban people and people around the world.”

It appears that Mr. Obama means these things are true, unless your last name is Bundy, unless you are a politically active rancher, or unless you are an American protesting government over-reach in Oregon or the Rocky Mountain West.

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