LIBERTY REEF (FCP) – If you listen to talk radio these days the name George Soros gets thrown around so frequently that you might imagine everyone knows why. But, do you know George Soros? Do you know his story? While often two dimensional in his portrayal by opportunistic media personalities, the complexity and agenda of Mr. Soros is worth studying. How does one go from surviving Nazi terror as a young child, through the London School of Economics, disciple of Karl Popper, ultimately to become one of the richest, politically and socially active men in the world – who also shockingly claims that ” “the main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States.”  

Advancing this world view, Mr. Soros has recently funded $700,000+ to the Kamikaze-esque campaign of Republican saboteur John Kasich; he’s donated over $7 million to the campaign of Democrat Hillary Clinton; and continues to advance the several billion dollar agenda of his Open Society project. Before any lovers of liberty fall in with Mr. Soros’ “Open Society” rhetoric it would be wise to spend a little time investigating his agenda, including how he funds “social” protests like Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, and Anti-Trump disruptions. Mr. Soros and his life’s work is prime example of how supposedly noble ambitions can become misguided, disastrous, and even sinister when sentiments and “values” take the place of a consistent world view and a life dedicated to first principles. Certainly in the liberty movement we have our share of those who “love liberty” and “value” freedom, but whose sentiments are dominant while their world view and knowledge of first principles is lacking.

Beware of such men and women – for they are blown about by every wind – and without a consistent world view, without deeply held convictions based upon first principles – they can become a force against the cause of liberty while saluting the flag and signing God Bless America. George Soros (like most modern political voices) is an exaggerated and rather visible example of what happens when otherwise well intentioned men and women serve one cause with their lips, while betraying that same cause through their actions.