UPDATE 10:59 am (Pacific):  KrisAnn and others on the line in tears, relief at the resolution.  Gavin “It’s a shame our country has come to this point…David’s concerns and fears reflect what all of America feels.”  KrisAnn “This is a fight we have to keep going.  I thank God for the strength to do that.”

UPDATED 10:57 am (Pacific):  David “If you will all just say hallelujah, I’ll come out.”  David “I’m going to finish my cookie.”  David “They’re saying hallelujah…I’m walking towards them right now.”  Voices can be heard in the background saying “hallelujah David!”   Gavin “Good Job David. We’ve got your back.”

UPDATE 10:49 am (Pacific):  David “I should have called one of those Muslim clerics, a real Muslim cleric.”  David is now ranting about the Middle East and “especially Syria, that was a good country.”  David “If you guys understood my own situation…you’d understand.”

UPDATE 10:43 am (Pacific):  David to FBI  “I’m making sure I’m not coming out of here alive…If you guys throw a F&*&*** gas can in here, I’m going to do it…back away, give me some room, some more days to think about it.”

UPDATE 10:39 am (Pacific): David “I’m not going to cower in the face of evil.”  To FBI “Mark, if you loved me, you’d come in here and try to make a deal.”

UPDATE 10:36 am (Pacific):  David “My grievances have’t been addressed….I have my freedom of religion…I am not a Christian, I am a messianic Jew…Judaism…until you guys can address my grievances, you’ll probably have to kill me.”

UPDATE 10:35 am (Pacific): David “I’m talking to FBI agent Mark.”  David “You guys are telling me I’m safe to get to you guys, but I don’t want to be put behind bars, I don’t want to take that risk.  Man wasn’t meant to be put behind bars… I haven’t killed anybody.”

UPDATE 10:28 am (Pacific):  Gavin “Set an example for the rest of us.”  David “That’s what I’m doing.”  Gavin “Not by dying.”  David “Christ died.”  KrisAnn “Christ did not die, he lived, that’s the whole reason we do what we do…you need to live, because if you don’t live you have silenced God voice in your heart…and God’s work, you are taking power away from God…isn’t that why we’re opposed to abortion… you need to walk out, that’s the only thing left to do.  Because, now when you walk out…people will hear you, they will hear your grievances…”  David “I’m enjoying my blanket, I’m just going to chill here for a little while…I’m laying down.”  Oregonlive.com (Les Zaitz” is reporting,

“Those taken into custody by the FBI were Jeff Banta, 46, of Elko, Nevada, Sean Anderson, 47, and his wife Sandy, 48, of Riggins, Idaho. They each face a federal conspiracy charge for their role in the occupation, joining 12 others already arraigned on that charge.  At the final moment after the three had walked out, protester David Fry said he was feeling suicidal and wouldn’t give himself up. He demanded to talk to an FBI negotiator by phone as others repeatedly urged him to calm down and walk out. “I’m a free man and I will die a free man,” Fry said as the frantic conversation played out on a live feed online.

UPDATE 10:23 am (Pacific):  David “I’m really confused right now.”  David “None of this would be happening if the government would listen to the people.”  David “This is the problem.  The American people won’t listen to their God…learn to fight…all I needed was marijuana, and you guys wouldn’t even give me that.”   KrisAnn “Will you please give us a chance to fight for you…can you give us the opportunity to fight for you and with you.  Don’t take that opportunity away from us.”  David “That is being selfish.  I don’t want to stay here anymore.  I want to go home.”  KrisAnn “If you walk out that door, it is the most generous thing you can do for future generations.”  Someone, maybe Sandy (occupier) reminding David “all four down or all four out.”  David “I don’t care about the movement any more.  I’m doing it for me.  If you cared about the movement you would have been here.  Most Americans…should have been here from the start…you guys still aren’t here…all the other people can riot for Trayvon Martin ya know…why can they riot and do all that…but we can’t.”

UPDATE 10:20 am (Pacific):  David “I’m tired everybody.”

UPDATE 10:16 am (Pacific):  David “I can’t do this.”  KrisAnn “Just walk out…accept the peace of the Lord.”  David “I better get a pizza.”  KrisAnn “I will personally deliver you a pizza…just take that first step…I want you to feel us physically holding your hand.”  David “I’m just tired of living here…you have taken everything away from me, I’ve done nothing wrong.”  KrisAnn “Prove to them that you are not who they say you are.”  KrisAnn “If you want the Holy Spirit power with you, you have to live.”

UPDATE 10:10 am (Pacific):  David Fry, “They need to promise me something.”  KrisAnn Hall, “If you walk out peacefully you will have millions” of people watching.  KrisAnn “Right now, I have media lined up, right now, if you walk out peacefully.”  David “I can’t…if I go to prison I’ll probably be raped.”  Gavin says “Our greatest fear is fear itself.”

UPDATE 10:06 am (Pacific):  “The tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of tyrants and patriots.”  KrisAnn “This is not the time for that.”  David “Yes it is.”  David “I will not be forced to pay for my existence…Americans have become radical being all anti-Muslim and everything.”

UPDATE 10:04 am (Pacific):  KrisAnn “Don’t be a coward David.”  David “You have no right to call me a coward.”  Conversation back and forth, KrisAnn and Gavin walking back coward remarks.  Gavin and KrisAnn are making desperate attempts to connect with scripture, etc.  Their attempts appear to be provocative and adding to his resolve to make a scene for himself.

UPDATE 10:01 am (Pacific):  David Fry responds to KrisAnn “I feel like I’m listening to a bunch of yappers…I’m here being peaceful…until my demands are met, I’m not coming out.  I’m a man, I’m taking a stand.  A stand means you are willing to risk your life.”  OregonLive spinning the incident.  “The feed moderators, identified as Gavin Seim, who calls himself a constitutional activist, and KrisAnne Hall, a prominent national face of the so-called patriot movement, are encouraging him to follow through and leave the encampment.”

UPDATE 9:59 am (Pacific): David Fry talking to FBI, “Give me space.”

UPDATE 9:56 am (Pacific): “I’m tired of having my money…my taxes going towards abortion.”

UPDATE 9:53 am (Pacific): KrisAnn and Gavin are trying to talk David into surrendering and going forward with the deal.  Fiore is talking to David over the bull horn.  KrisAnn “You are preventing God from acting in your life.”  David “Sometimes its better just to die, liberty or death…I declare war against the federal government…they have been trampling on my First Amendment rights…there is no way to beat this anymore, its liberty or death.”

UPDATE 9:45 am (Pacific):  David Fry shouting, “Unless my grievances are heard, I will not go out.”  He’s asking the FBI to call him on a cell phone.  Gavin asks “What is going on?  Go ahead and go out there.”  KrisAnn speaks up “just go, like everyone else.”  David, “They haven’t promised me anything.  I haven’t agreed to any of this…I’m worried they are going to ignore us.”  KrisAnn “If you don’t follow through…they will portray you as a villain.”  David Fry, “I’m actually feeling pretty suicidal right now.”  David Fry, “I have to stand my ground, I will not go another day as a slave.  I will stand my ground as a free man.”  KrisAnn “You will be a slave if you don’t take the liberty to walk out.”  David “I told those three I wasn’t going to go.” KrisAnn “Are you familiar with scripture David?”

UPDATE 9:43 am (Pacific): David Fry reports, “Now Jeff is going.”  Live Stream is 19,887.  Voice of Michele Fiore can be heard in background (apparently over a bull horn).  David Fry is shouting, “Yea” meaning he can hear her.

UPDATE 9:38 am (Pacific):  “Alright, Sandy and I are going out.  How many people are live streaming us?”  Sean shouting at FBI “coming out.”  David reports, “Sean and Sandy are holding hands, with other hands up in the air, now they are kissing and hugging.”  David Fry reports the FBI is being “gentle” now “they are just patting her down…and scooted her away.”  “So now Sean is standing with the American flag in his right hand.”  KrisAnn interrupts “Why is it that when Congress….” etc. etc. etc.  Gavin engages in conversation with KrisAnn.

UPDATE 9:34 am (Pacific):  “We’re going to have Sandy go first, a female agent is going to intercept her.”  Before surrendering, protesters are playing music (some kind of bagpipe anthem).

UPDATE 9:33 am (Pacific): OregonLive.com is now confirming that Blaine Cooper has been arrested.  Apparently the FBI in Portland declined to confirm or deny that Cooper had been arrested Thursday morning.  Melissa Cooper has reported that Blaine was arrested in Springdale, Utah at the Canyon Ranch Motel.

UPDATE 9:30 am (Pacific): KrisAnn Hall taking over conversation on live stream, preaching about liberty and the movement.  At least 15 minutes since any word from occupiers, Fiore, Graham or others.  KrisAnn now talking about whether or not what she teachers is “radical.”  Starting to sound like KrisAnn’s radio show, taking advantage of 17,821 live stream audience.

UPDATE 9:18 am (Pacific): David Fry says “I’m wondering when Americans…when will people realize they need to stand up for their own dignity.”

UPDATE 9:15 am (Pacific): Protester Sean says, “Myself and Sandy are going to the number four vehicle, and then I don’t know who is going next.”

UPDATE 9:13 am (Pacific): Fiore and Graham entering armored vehicle.   KrisAnn Hall quotes “It’s not really fruitful to talk with people who have set aside reason.”  Fiore says, “You have to do whatever they say, just obey their commands, okay?”

UPDATE 9:10 am (Pacific):  Live stream audience 17,293.

UPDATE 9:05 am (Pacific): KrisAnn Hall called Gavin, on live stream call with protesters (Sean and Sandy) and Michele Fiore (at Mile Marker 20).   KrisAnn says, “I have some very encouraging news for everybody…I talked with 24 legislators in Idaho yesterday.”  Also reports she is getting calls “from legislators all over the country, asking for help…in defending the life, liberty and property of their people.”

UPDATE 8:58 am (Pacific): Live feed audience at 15,938.

UPDATE 8:41 am (Pacific): Rev. Franklin Graham has arrived, on the phone with Sean and Sandy.  “I love you, looking forward to giving you guys a big hug…I’m here for you guys.”  Offers prayer.  Rev. Graham says, “I’ve been praying for this for several days…I’m proud of you guys, I really am.”

UPDATE 8:36 am (Pacific):  Victoria Sharp’s mother on live feed, seems to be suggesting (after quoting from the Bible) that protesters should not surrender.  Gavin taking control of the call, re-focusing the call to positive, and faith that no deaths or tragedy will take place.  Victory and mother now singing on live call.

UPDATE 8:33 am (Pacific): Protesters received okay from FBI to bring out personal items, including LaVoy Finicum’s personal bible.

UPDATE 8:31 am (Pacific):  Michele Fiore and Franklin Graham both present.  LIVE FEED audience 13,954.

UPDATE 8:28 am (Pacific): Victoria Sharp and her mother on live feed, called on other patriots and “thousands of people” to peacefully go to Burns”, OR.  Reports that FBI is making additional arrests, after Cliven Bundy, reporting that Blaine Cooper has also been arrested.

UPDATE 8:13 am (Pacific): Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore (and 8 others elected officials from Idaho, Arizona, Nevada, etc.) at Oregon Refuge with four FBI agents.  Protesters are unarmed (put personal weapons in vehicles), preparing to surrender.  Rev. Graham is close, will be meeting with Fiore, and going together to retrieve protesters.

**** Date 2/11/2016 ****

UPDATE 11:30 pm (Pacific): Bundy, 74, was booked into the downtown Multnomah County jail at 10:54 p.m.  Faces federal charges related to his armed standoff with the U.S. Bureau of Land Management in 2014, including weapons charges.

UPDATE 10:54 pm (Pacific): The Bundy familiy is reporting that Cliven Bundy just landed in Portland and we are being told he was surrounded by SWAT and DETAINED.

UPDATE 9:56 pm (Pacific) – Live Stream Ends.  Live feed audience at 24,152.

UPDATE 9:46 pm (Pacific) – All four protesters, along with Assemblywoman Fiore and her car full, Gavin and his family, offered prayer before retiring to sleep for evening and to end live feed.  Live feed audience at 27,381.

UPDATE 9:42 pm (Pacific) – Gavin played an audio message from Victoria Sharp (and her family), with message (“Stay calm, stay alive, we need your voices”) and singing (Psalm 27:1).

UPDATE 9:29 pm (Pacific) – Sean (protester) informs FBI that “we would like to go to our tent, to keep warm.  We are going to keep our weapons for protection.  Is that okay?”  “Do I have your word you are going to wait and not come in to get us…and are going to wait until the morning?…You have my word we are coming out in the morning.”

UPDATE 9:23 pm (Pacific) – Nev. Assemblywoman says that Jeff and David and Sean and Sandy have succeeded in “putting out call to action” and several legislators from various states including Idaho, are en route to Burns, OR.  “This live stream was brilliant, David Fry….you four in that Refuge have something to be very proud of…what you guys have accomplished has been amazing.”

UPDATE 9:19 pm (Pacific) – Sean (protester) updated live feed audience, FBI (through “Bill the FBI guy”) has promised no escalation, and offered to allow Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore to meet when she arrives.  Protesters have offered to “turn ourselves in” (“we are not surrendering”) when Michele and Franklin Graham arrives in the morning.  FBI apparently has agreed.  Sean said, “It’s going against everything we believe in, but we’re going to do it.”  “We are going to walk, one by one, and meet [Michele] and Rev. Graham at the checkpoint.”

UPDATE 9:08 pm (Pacific) – Gavin references a letter from Ammon Bundy, explaining that God is using him in jail.

UPDATE 8:59 pm (Pacific) – Gavin read message from Victoria Sharp to remaining protesters.

UPDATE 8:53 pm (Pacific) – Sandy says “I will for them…[but] we’ll never see the light of day again.”  Sandy states she agrees to surrender with others.

UPDATE 8:49 pm (Pacific)- Connection lost to live feed – reconnecting….

UPDATE 8:46 pm (Pacific) – Sandy Lynn Pfeifer Anderson talking to husband Sean Anderson about whether she is willing to surrender when Assemblywoman Michele Fiore and Rev. Franklin Graham arrive. (No word directly from David Fry and Jeff Wayne Banta re: willingness to surrender).

UPDATE 8:38 pm (Pacific) – Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore, live on phone with protesters, reports “FBI has guaranteed” that they will not “be aggressive” or “make any moves tonight” until she and Rev. Franklin Graham arrive in the morning.

UPDATE 8:33 pm (Pacific) – 60,034 viewers on live stream.

UPDATE 8:26 pm (Pacific) – Gavin Seim is trying to connect Victoria Sharp to the live stream.

UPDATE 8:05 pm (Pacific) 64,145 viewers on live stream

UPDATE 7:52 pm (Pacific) 61,974 viewers on live stream

UPDATE 7:42 pm (Pacific) 57,213 viewers on live stream

UPDATE 7:21 pm (Pacific) 51,402 viewers on live stream

UPDATE 7:02 pm (Pacific) 41,026 viewers on live stream.

UPDATE at approximately 5 pm (Pacific) the FBI issued statement “FBI Surrounds Occupiers at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge“.

*** February 10, 2016 Recording of Live Stream

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