The media generated controversy surrounding LDS Church’s policy regarding church discipline for same-sex couples and regarding ordinances for children of same-sex couples exposes the hypocrisy of the new mantra of “tolerance.” In the name of tolerance and diversity, critics of the LDS Church are using hostility and irrational shame to mock LDS doctrine, and to dissuade faithful Christians. Rick discusses the issue, and several of the recent news stories, illustrating how the media is generating the false controversy. Shame is a powerful tactic, but when accompanied by deception, it becomes a tool to avoid principles and reason. Rick also discusses Ayn Rand’s essay called “The Comprachicos” and introduces the new “Free Capitalist Experience” at for those interested in personal mentoring.

Host: Rick Koerber. Free Capitalist Radio, Episode #204. Originally broadcast November 6, 2015.

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