Can Bernie Sanders Save America? In this episode of Free Capitalist Radio the question of Bernie Sanders and the reality of socialism is addressed.  The question of whether or not “compromise” and “governing in the middle” are virtues and principles.  Rick discusses the idea that standing up for principle is actually a better path morally and pragmatically because it provides the only real basis for reaching agreement among those with differing views.  Also, whether or not Ted Cruz is “crazy” because he is willing to “shut down the government” on a strong or “extreme” political stand.  Rick also reviews some online comments about the prior show (Episode #201) and the principles involved in whether or not someone has a right to do something – and criticism over the exercise of that right.

Host:  Rick Koerber.  Free Capitalist Radio, Episode #202.  Originally posted November 4, 2014.

Posted by Rick Koerber – Free Capitalist on Wednesday, November 4, 2015