Host: Rick Koerber

If we are deceived about principles, we cannot progress because we don’t know what we don’t know.  If you don’t “wake up and you don’t have the facts, you don’t have an argument.”

Other topics: Iraq War Debate and whether or not Pres. Bush lied to the American people about weapons of mass destruction data; Pres. Clinton’s “Iraq Liberation Act.”  Liberal socialist victim caller “Aaron” hostly asks Rick why he’s “going down memory lane” and why facts are important in the debate over the Iraq war.  Aaron won’t engage in a rational conversation, revealing himself as a non-thinking emotional voice of accusation.  Later, “Claud” another caller, demonstrates the opposite of thinking and rational debate – instead offering highly emotional, disconnected and sensational comments.  Rick illustrates how this kind of thinking is not just limited to politics, but that how a person thinks permeates all aspects of his or her life.

“Your ideas determine where you are in life.”

This recording, like the previous two, is partially damaged and is incomplete, but it is the only known surviving copy of episode.
Episode originally aired November 3, 2005.
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