Host: Rick Koerber with Guest Les McGuire

“Prosperity is up to me.” In this episode Les McGuire joined Free Capitalist Radio for the first time. Rick and Les discussed the basic of “what capitalism is” and how that reality can help individual men and women prosper. Rick and Les also discuss the comparison of socialism and capitalism.

Insightful and prophetic, a decade before our time today, Rick and Les reveal the terrible and devastating consequences of those who accept socialism and who fail to understand the morality and power of capitalism. Les explains that socialisms don’t want to take responsibility for themselves or for their own country. And, the conversation also exposes the false comparison of democrats versus republicans, but instead the more useful comparison is socialist versus capitalist.

Other topics include personal prosperity, individual economics, how to find success, getting honest about your own self interest, victimhood versus success and being ready “for something to actually change” in your life. “The first thing” needed to reach personal prosperity is taking “responsibility for yourself.” Call Peter says “I’ve never had sight” so how does this “apply to me.” Capitalism is a “dirty word” when you mistakenly believe it is a “win – lose” philosophy, but that is a mistake and a mistaken notion. Capitalism is about liberty, voluntary actions and value creation.

This recording, like the previous two, is partially damaged and is incomplete, but it is the only known surviving copy of episode.
Episode originally aired November 2, 2005.
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