Rick Koerber and Jewel Skousen - American Liberty Society webinar

Join Rick and Jewel on November 20, 2014 at 7:00 pm Mountain time for the first American Liberty Society webinar: “Completing the Work of the Founders – HOW BUILDING A LIBERTY BASED SOCIETY CAN BRING INCREASED FREEDOM, PROSPERITY & PEACE TO YOU, YOUR FAMILY, AND YOUR COMMUNITY.”

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The unique thing about “American Liberty” is it is for everyone, across the globe.

It is for individuals who desire to be more prosperous, for those who are fighting unjust persecution and for those who feel a deep respect for the cause of liberty as part of their life mission. It is also for the family who is struggling, for the broken home with parents desperately trying to figure out why things are so hard, and can’t see the path forward, or those who are stuck in heart wrenching legal battles for their family and their children. Finally, it is for communities, who have had political “solutions” for so long, that everyone realizes that the politicians are offering more and more but amounting to less and less. The real solution is found in a the formula the American Founders used when they started a revolution back in 1776.

It’s time to finish what they started, and move past what even they achieved. There are answers – but government and other institutions do not have them. They have to come from individual men and women – like us, and Jewel and I want to show you what we’ve discovered and put together with a few very dear friends, as we now publicly introduce the new American Liberty Society. Join us for a free webinar tomorrow (no matter where you are) – it could make a tremendous difference in your life – now, and for the future. We hope you’ll join us and invite you to come and help us build up the American Liberty Society.