As some of you know, Jewel and I have been preparing for the official launch of the American Liberty Society (along with the relaunch of American Founders University, American Founders Academy, and new launch of American Founders Preschool).

This is an open conference call for all of our like-minded friends and interested persons who would like to hear what we’ve been planning, what we hope to accomplish and what the initial programs will be, including:

1.  Our broadcast efforts with and the Rocky Mountain Standard;

2. Our our new educational program for adults and K-12 certification, supplemental program, distance learning and home school programs utilizing our new concept called QED (Questing Education). This call will present an overview and an opportunity to answer your questions.

3.  Our new political and policy activism and community organization program through the American Liberty League.

It doesn’t matter of you are in the Rocky Mountain West, the east coast of the United States, or are one of our like-minded friends in Germany, India, Taiwan, England, Japan, South Korea, or anywhere else on the globe. If you are interested in helping us, in supporting the cause of liberty, and learning how our new efforts may benefit you and your family – personally, financially, in education, or with regard to your desire to improve local, community and state government – we invite you to the call!

As of September 15, 2014 – the total confirmed guests for this Thursday’s conference call is 91 with 27 “maybe.”  The conference call service that we intend to use, tops out at 100 participants. Also, please stay tuned, as I will publish the call information as we get closer to the date.  See

Finally, as part of this call, I want to answer any questions that people have about the up coming launch of ALS. I’m going to take the last segment of the call to answer questions that have been submitted. Participants in the call can also submit questions via FB message during the call. Jewel is going to be helping me and will review the message requests that come in during the call. So, if you’ve got questions, make sure to send them via email or FB.