The particular cause of all Project members, also referred to as the ‘cause of all FreeCapitalists’ is—

To promote the revolution through rugged individualism and social strength based upon the universal principles of prosperity advocated by America’s founding generation, most commonly referenced in the Declaration of Independence and subsequently protected by the Constitution of the United States.

Those who are engaged in this effort fight for capitalism, not as a practical issue, not as an economic issue, but as a moral issue.

Men and women who desire to pursue a principle-based path of personal prosperity beginning with self-reliance and economic independence are invited to join the Project.  Individuals who have a desire to join the Project must be invited and sponsored by an existing member of the Project.

The FreeCapitalist Project subscribes to the same basic philosophical framework of the American Founders, described in this Project as, the Prime Pattern of Prosperity.” Consistent with these fundamental ideas the Project outlines its basic philosophy and core principles in its proprietary teaching model called Prosperity Prime™ which has been designed to illustrate 100 of the Founders most important ideas related to freedom and prosperity.

The Prosperity Prime Model
1 – Choice
2 – Paradigms
3 –  Core  Values
5 – Pillars of Wealth
7 – Fundamentals of Family
11 – Stages of a Productive Life
13 – Ancient Principles of Prosperity

While the model is new, the 100 ideas it represents are not. These ideas form the corpus of Free Capitalist philosophy and are therefore central to the mission of the Project and the cause of all Free Capitalists.