Wake Up and Turn Your Brain On!
FreeCapitalist Radio is changing the way people all across the globe think about politics, business, and the world around them by challenging popular economic and political assumptions. Not typical talk radio, in an entertaining and informative fashion, “The FreeCapitalist” C. Rick Koerber regularly encourages listeners (after they “wake up and turn their brain on”) to go out and DO SOMETHING productive in today’s world.

What is FreeCapitalist Radio™?
FreeCapitalist Radio offers a unique perspective on government, politics, business, entreprenuership and personal finance not found on any other talk show. It educates listeners on what really constitutes prosperity and helps audience members realize the power of the individual to improve one’s life, and the lives of those around them.

Rick in Front of Radio Mic

Rick Koerber’s Debut on AM Talk Radio at KTALK in Salt Lake City in the Fall of 2005

Listeners are encouraged to make decisions and base actions on principles and facts rather than uncritical, habitual, unthinking assumptions—and instead of jumping on the bandwagon of sensationalism. With subjects ranging from Cicero to Adam Smith, current events to the U.S. Constitution, FreeCapitalist Radio is talk radio at its best. Launched in October of 2005, the show has already amassed an audience in all 50 state and around the world who tune in each weekday via radio or nationwide webcast, podcast, and the iTunes™ radio network to hear Rick and renowned guests—including U.S. senators, leading political figures, international professors, and prominent businessmen—talk about the principles of prosperity in a lively and engaging way.  Whether he’s talking about Utah or New York City the content of FreeCapitalist Radio is universal.

Rick Koerber and Presidential Candidate Ron Paul, at American Founders University

Rick Koerber and Presidential Candidate Ron Paul, at American Founders University

I Am The Free Capitalist
Most people have no idea what capitalism and freedom are all about, let alone what prosperity has to do with the funamental traditoin of the “American Way.” The fundamental principles of prosperity that form the basis of Rick’s philosophy unchanging.  The ideas of capitalism, free enterprise, and fundamental moral values are the core of Rick’s message.  Building upon the philosophical tradition of America’s Founding Fathers, and modern leaders that range from Ayn Rand, Milton Friedman, Ronald Reagan and Robert Kiyosaki, Free Capitalist Radio helps educate and aid its listeners in developing a plan for not only economic success but also to find that path of living a life worth loving!

Even for those whose lives are great, Rick’s invitation is to love your life, to create more value in the world than you consume, and to stand fast by the moral principles of freedom.  This, he argues, is what really constitutes prosperity. This radio show offers a fresh, unique perspective on business and politics not found in any other talk radio program in the country.

Rick Koerber and Utah Congressman Chris Cannon, on Free Capitalist Radio

Rick Koerber and Utah Congressman Chris Cannon, on Free Capitalist Radio

Speak and Be Heard
Debuting on October 31, 2005, this fast growing, popular talk show airs weekdays 3-5 p.m. Mountain Time over the air and 24/7 via the Internet on FreeCapitalist.com and on the iTunes radio network.

Listeners from around the world tune in for an entertaining and laugh out loud course in Economics 101. Announcer Rick Koerber will challenge your logic and might even tell you to first “go out and find the facts” before taking with him, but you won’t go sulking in a corner and turn off his program. Why? Because his unique business acumen and political prowess, accompanied by his intelligent and frequent special guests, get minds working and set hearts pounding by discussing how to go out and actually DO SOMETHING in today’s world. So, tap into the growing, energetic momentum by joining the Free Capitalist Radio movement today.

Who Is Rick Koerber?
Rick is a freedom-loving entrepreneur who values self-reliance, economic independence and personal freedom. Utilizing these core values, Rick has become a nationally recognized businessman dedicated to helping thousands achieve success by teaching them how to apply principles of prosperity into daily life.

Not afraid of controversy, or scrutiny, Rick has become a respected, strong willed thought leader in the business, educational and political arenas of America—and beyond.  Known as a charismatic and intelligent executive, Rick has developed a broad range of business interests and leadership positions in many different industries including real estate, private education, technology, multimedia, publishing, marketing and even fast food organizations.

Rick Koerber and Overstock.com CEO and Chairman Patrick Byrne, at Free Capitalist Radio

Rick Koerber and Overstock.com CEO and Chairman Patrick Byrne, at Free Capitalist Radio

Whether its taking on government corruption, defending individual business owners, or advancing his own entrepreneurial vision, Rick has developed, at a very young age, a professional career that has brought both amazing success and controversial failures.  He teaches and inspires others that it is a fear of failure and the habit of responding poorly to dificult life challenges and circumstances that leads most people away from their dreams and the lives they love.

Rick has worked with, represented and held key positions in many prominent companies and well-known organizations such as FranklinCovey, Toshiba America Business Solutions, Inc., Carleton Sheets Personal Coaching, Xerox, IKON Office Solutions, Producer Revolution™, and National Real Estate Investors.  Rick is also the founder of American Founders University—headquartered in Provo, UT.

Due to his passionate love of freedom and individual liberty, Rick founded The Free Capitalist Project™—including Free Capitalist Radio, FreeCapitalist.com, and local Free Capitalist Forums across the country. These forums enable like-minded individuals to join forces with The Free Capitalist as they change their lives and their communities.

Rick signing a new release of the Free Capitalist Primer, at American Founders University

Rick signing a new release of the Free Capitalist Primer, at American Founders University

How Can I Listen to FreeCapitalist Radio?
To listen, log on to www.freecapitalist.com to stream the show on your computer or listen to the show’s archives by subscribing to The FreeCapitalist Radio free podcast service using iTunes radio.

Interesting Info
Since starting the show on AM630 in Salt Lake City (which no longer carries the show), Rick and his team (with the very special assistance of show producer and engineer Israel Curits) has built the program to become:

•    A Syndicated, Prime Time over-the-air broadcast on the Accent Radio Network.
•    #1 Radio show discussing Politics on Live365
•    # 1 Radio show discussing the Government on Live365
•    # 7 Talk Radio show overall (all genre’s) on Live365
•    Featured on the exclusive iTunes radio directory
•    An International success with listenership in 103 Countries (China, North Korea, and Eastern Europe are among the fastest growing markets, as a new generation wakes up to the idea of freedom, and the call for revolution all across the globe).

Rick Koerber and Presidential Candiate Ron Paul, at Rick's Office behind the President's Desk

Rick Koerber and Presidential Candiate Ron Paul, at Rick’s Office behind “the President’s Desk”